The InterTŊRic Mission
of the InterTŊRic Çuvaş Thedekhaganate

The World Tree

A Message from the Khagan

Silhouette of Khagan Küntalai Almuş The InterTŊRic Çuvaş Thedekhaganate¹ welcomes you on the ein website of The InterTŊRic Mission. Our aim is to inform and educate those living outside of Çuvaş jurisdictions on issues both current and historical.

As the great Çuvaş poet Kerečen Márius wrote in his celebrated poem «After Kun Kunan¹…»:

«Nothing is as unfamiliar, as that which is known by all.»

And so we recommend that first time visitors peruse our primer on post-Kun Kunan history, as censorship and misinformation on certain topics is ripe outside the Thedekhaganate. Once thus in possession of the fundamentals, the list of frequent questions and answers will prove to be a useful starting point for the more thorough deconstruction of Protestant antitheses.

Subsequent sections will then allow those reading with a mind open to uncomfortable truths, to learn a great deal about the world and humanity’s place within it-things that may heretofore have been hidden from them by those still tied by decaying links to the Fallen World.

May TŊR render your quest for knowledge fruitful and your wisdom greatly multiplied; and may you become another light of the world to the multitudes living in the darkness of prideful dissent!

Almuş I.
Khagan of All InterTŊRic Çuvaşia
2232. August 9.